Thursday, January 28, 2010

We have some new tricks up our sleeves!

First we have the Amazing Jonah who learned to ride on two wheels a few months ago and mom has finally got some pics. Look out he is H-E double hockey sticks on two wheels!

And then in the other corner we have Marvelous Mackay who has mastered the art of tying his shoes. Hooray! His velcro shoes bit the dust and so he found some lace ups that he liked and I told him that since he was such a good magician he could surely master this trick. With a few lessons form mom, voila! I am so excited because this helps out my morning chaos.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bringing In 2010

We rang in the New Year with a visit from Grammie, Papa and Uncle Jeremy. We are some real party poopers, I do not think anyone made it until midnight. We had fun eating junk food and playing cards and the kids had Rob light some fireworks.
This year has just flown by in a blink. I can't believe how fast time goes the older I... we get, my parents always said it and now I am really starting to feel it. It just makes you stop and remember that you really do need to cherish every little moment (well at least the good ones).