Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Hallie was hatin' Santa

Mackay and Jonah tearing into it.

Hallie is going through a stage where she doesn't like her clothes very much. But she loves her babies.

This year we had a crazy Christmas season. Our family has been fighting the flu for the past 2 months. Robert and I had traveled to Phoenix on Christmas Eve and left the boys with there grandparents. We left at 4:30 a.m. and got home around 8:00 p.m. We got home and got the kids to bed and around 10:00 p. m Mackay started throwing up. It was horrible this was his third time getting the stomach flu in the last 2 months. While I was cleaning up the bed, Robert took off the mattress so that I could clean under it. I ended up losing my balance and falling through the wooden support beams. I am pretty bruised up. We were up until about 3:00 a.m. with Mackay. We had an extra long day. Luckily Christmas he was feeling a lot better and he was able to enjoy as did the other 2.
We ended up having a wonderful Christmas day. The kids really enjoyed themselves. We went over to Robert's parents house for Christmas dinner. We sang happy birthday to Robert's dad (his birthday is on Christmas Eve) and to Jesus of course. We hope everyone had a very merry Christmas1

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Well The Weather Outside Is Frightful....

Our street

The other half of our street

The boys working on a snowman in front of the house

The finished product

Yes for those of my friends and family that are not in Vegas/Henderson, this is it. 10 inches of snow fell between yesterday and last night. It was chaos on the streets and I got stuck in it. I had a doctors appointment at 1:30 yesterday and had to take the kids to my in-laws so they could watch them. It was snowing when I took them there and I figured it would clear up or stop by the time I was done with my appointment. Boy, was I wrong. I got done with my appointment and headed up to Anthem to pick up the kids. Their street is on a hill and I was driving our car. Well I did not make it far up the street before the car started going sideways and then eventually got stuck. So I turned on my hazards and tried everything I knew to do. I ran out of ideas and called my father in-law to come to my rescue. He came down and his truck started revving on it's own and ran him into a light pole (luckily everyone is alright except the bumper on the truck). He brought some door mats down and we put them under my back tires and a couple feet at a time we made it up to their house. Then about an hour later my sister in-law called and she too was stuck even further out than I was. She had about 15 cars behind her and everyone just looked at her and no one was even trying to help her. She was out in high heels and trying to push her car ( I swear people can be so rude). So again Jimbo was out on snow patrol to the rescue. He ended up putting the door mats between the bumpers and pushing Beth up to the house. Brett went to Robert's rescue and got him to my in-laws safely. So my family ended up just camping out at the in-laws last night. We were truly snowed in. Thanks Jimbo and Teri and Brett for all of your help. Other than that the kids had a blast in the snow, building snowmen and making snow angels.

This is how it all started

Yes this is my car STUCK

Mackay and his first snowman

Bubba and his cousin Fenix

The bumper that kissed a pole

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Look who is cruisin' on two wheels!

Over Thanksgiving weekend Mackay learned to ride with no training wheels! We were at my mom's house in Utah and Robert got down my little brothers old bike and Mackay took off. Robert took off running down the street after him worried that he would fall. Just the way Robert wanted to work off the Thanksgiving meal.

Belated Thanksgiving Post

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. We stayed in St. George with most of my family and had Thanksgiving festivities with Roberts family. We had Thanksgiving dinner in Zion at the beautiful Majestic lodge. It was great! Afterwards we went to Robert's grandparents club house and played games and caught up with the family.


This was the boys first year playing soccer and for the most part both of them loved it. Jonah played on Team Revolution and Mackay was on the Purple Tigers. They did really well and both of them made lots of goals for their team. This was also the first time they were both playing a sport at the same time. It made for a very busy season. But there will be many more of those I am sure.