Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Am A Real Punch Guy!

Jonah came down stairs and had drawn all over his body with marker (washable thank goodness)and Rob and I are of course were like son what the heck have you done?!? He was all proud and with a smile says, "mom, dad I am a real punch guy!" Rob and I looked at each other puzzled. Then Rob put it all together as Jonah started to show us some "Punch Guy Moves". He had drawn some tattoos on himself to make himself look like a UFC fighter. No my kids do not watch the UFC fights but they do know about them and they see the ads and most of them are all tattooed up and so he thought that is what you needed to be a real "Punch Fighter" I guess.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Peace Out I'm Going To Pre-School!

Peace Out Mom!

Jonah had been awaiting this day for quite sometime. He has thought that he has been on track break forever. At least that is what he told everyone when they would ask if he was in school yet. We did the meet and great almost a week before he started and that made him twice as anxious to start. Every morning he would get up and get dressed and come down and be totally ready for the day and say, "Is it Monday yet". Sadly I would have to break it to him that it was not. So finally Monday came and he was so excited! We dropped him off and with a peace out he was off to pre-school. When I went to get him he had made a self portrait that was a lovely shade of green (his favorite color at this time). He said that he made lots of friends and he loves his teachers Ms. Pam and Ms. Linda.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Labor Day Fun With Grammie And Papa!

We went to Phoenix to visit see Grammie and Papa for Labor Day. We had a lot of fun. We ran into the heavy rain storm on the way there but the weather the rest of the stay was perfect. We went to Sun Splash water park and the kids loved it. My kids love the water and so they were in heaven. Mackay went on every slide that they had that was open. His favorite he said was the, "Bucket Flush". Jonah liked all of the slides with the double tubes so that he had a buddy to ride with. Hallie loved the wave pool. I think the rain scared everyone away because there were no lines to wait in. It was great. Then we went to a park and Grammie and Papa went and bought the kids some ice blocks to ride down the hills with. They thought that was great because it was like sledding in the summer. We also took the kids to meet my great grandmother and so their great, great grandmother. It was a great trip and we had a lot of fun. Thank you Grammie and Papa for such a nice time!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Not Only Can He Sing!

But my Jonsey boy has the moves. We had a Zumba class for play group this week and Jonah loved it. Now I have some great video to blackmail him with when he gets a little older :)