Friday, February 13, 2009

Disneyland Fun!

The California Screamin' Roller Coaster

The Disney Fire Station of course
Club 33 Gettin' the High School Musical groove on Baby Minnie keeping out of the rain.

We took the kids to Disneyland for the first time last weekend. It was so much fun although it was raining the whole time. All the rides were open and the longest we waited was 10 minutes and that was because the ride was broken and they were fixing it. Thanks to Robert's coworker we got to have the "Club 33" treatment. We got in at no charge and then we went to eat our meals at club 33. It is a semi secret club that Disney has. You cannot get in unless you have connections or you are a member. There are only about 450 members in the world and there is over a ten year waiting list. They have a website on it. It was really nice and fancy. Mackay got his crab legs and chateaubriand. They enjoyed all the rides and Mackay even got on the roller coaster at California Adventure, California Screamin'. I was shocked. I wouldn't ride it. Rob even said it was a little scary for him. Jonah's favorite ride was the Buzz Lightyear ride. Mackay says his was Splash Mountain. Hallie I would say her's was the Small World, her brothers got off of it and said it was the lamest ride ever. We stayed with the Walden's (Robert's Aunt and Uncle). It was great and thanks again Walden's for your great hospitality! Now that we have taken the kids on vacation we are hoping to plan one of our own in the near future:)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Bye! Bye! Snaggle tooth! He did this by total accident. He was going to sit on the couch and he tripped and somehow he punched himself in the mouth, and ended up knocking the tooth out. Whatever it took, I am so glad it is out.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Where does time go? 6 years!

Birthday at Disneyland inside "Club 33".
Aunt Pam also was so nice to make him a special birthday cake.

Mackay's 6th Birthday interview.
  • What are some things you like to do? "Go to Disneyland and ride Splash Mountain, ride my bike and play with my brother and sister on the trampoline."
  • What sports do you like? "T-ball, soccer and swimming."
  • What things do you like to do around the house? "Play firefighters with Hallie and Jonah and play the WII and clean the toilets." (strange I know)
  • What are some of your favorite foods? "Steak, crab, clams and spaghetti." (yeah he is my expensive eater)
  • What do you like to wear? "Pokemon shirt and jeans."
  • What’s your favorite color? " Blue and red."
  • Where are some of your favorite places to go? "The park, Disneyland and Red Lobster."
  • What things make you happy? "When my mom hugs and kisses me."
  • What makes you sad? " When he falls off his bike."
  • What do you do when you are sad? "I come hug my mom or dad."
  • What do you do when you are mad? "I go tell on who makes me that way."
  • Who are your best friends?" Steven and Scott and Rileigh and Brynleigh."
  • What are your favorite movies or TV shows? " Towering Inferno, Spongebob and Phineas and Ferb."
  • What are your favorite books? " The Grufallo, Fire Engines Up Close."