Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fire House Tour

Anyone who knows Mackay knows of his obsession with being a fireman when he grows up. Thanks to Summer we were able to tour the Henderson Firehouse this week. Mackay was in heaven. Jonah enjoyed it as well. They got to try on their stinky, sweaty fire coats. It was kind of gross but cute. They showed them all the tools in the truck and let them sit in it. They got to see where the firemen hang out, eat and sleep. It was a lot of fun for the kids. They must of enjoyed it a lot because Mackay still wants to be a fireman and Jonah says he wants to be a super hero too but something more along the lines of Spiderman or Batman.

Hunter Riley Has Arrived

Their first family photo

Hallie awaiting the arrival of her cousin
She is so proud of her new cousin

That is right I am an auntie again. Hallie and I were able to go last week to South Carolina (thanks grammie and papa!) to await the arrival of my sister Tricia's first baby. We got their on Saturday and left on Friday. When we got their she was only dialated to a one and was not having much pain. I was worried that he would not come before I had to leave. Monday which was her due date we went bowling and an our later her water broke. We went to the hospital around 5 pm and he arrived at 8:14 am, July 22nd. It was a long night in the hospital. It was so awesome to be there. He weighed 6lbs 9oz and was 19 inches long. He looks exactly like his daddy. Hallie loved him she thought she was the mommy and wanted to hold him non stop. It was so cute. Mackay is now very excited he gets to go with his Nana and Tata to South Carolina to see the baby on Saturday and he will be spending the week there. As for the rest of us we will now be home for awhile. Hopefully, I will be able to keep up more on this blogging thing.

4th of July

Joe Joe and Bubba with their Papa lighting fireworks

My boys went with their Grammie and Papa to St George for fourth of July weekend. They had an absolute blast. They went out four wheeling, they went swimming and the highlight of the trip was they went to see the play High School Musical. They could not stop talking about the play and how they went and gave all of the characters high fives. Rob, Hallie and I stayed home and kicked back. We went to dinner for my birthday ( yeah I am now a big 26 ). I thought it would be quiet without the boys, but no Hallie is truly one of them.


So we have just been go, go, go. I have got some much stuff to blog. So please excuse my belated blogs.

Monday, July 7, 2008

My Little Fish

Well we started out the summer with swim lessons of course. This was Jonah's first lesson without mommy being in the water with him. He had a blast. He had his friends Max and Hunter in his class with him. Mackay got to move on to level 3. It was great their were 3 kids in his class and so he got a lot of one on one attention. He is swimming very well. My kids love the water and have no fear. Of course this is why swimming lessons are very important at my house. They got to go spend the weekend at their Grammie and Papa's in St. George this weekend to practice their mad swimming skills. They went for 4 days. Rob and I thought we were getting a break but little Hallie is a little pistol these days. It was a lot quieter without the boys. We did miss the noise though. Jonah waiting on the stairs with Hunter and Max
This is my Bubba Mac showing off his free style moves