Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mothers Day

I did get to be with my mom on Mother's Day morning which was rare and great! Then I got to spend 5 wonderful hours in the car traveling home from Phoenix... Yeah right I know who am I trying to fool we were traveling it sucked! We went over for one of Rob's family reunions which I will post about later. Anywho, we had a fun trip. The way home wasn't too bad because the kids had Moama and Pops riding along to provide a little more entertainment. Being a mom is one of the greatest if not the greatest joys in my life, yes extremely trying at times however well worth it. It is the little rewarding moments that keep me going everyday for instance when Hallie grabs my arm and tells me," Mommy I am going to keep you forebber and ebber!" and when Jonah out of nowhere will let me know how much fun he had at the park or wherever I had gone with him and thank me sincerely. Then there is my little Mackay he is my little tender heart. I am so grateful for all the moms in my life and the great examples they are to me.


Jaimers said...

Yay, you put your new pics up!! They look fab!! But, how could you not look fab in a pic? We had so much fun with you guys! You have such a great family. We love you so much, and can't wait to see you again!! It's a shame we didn't have more time!! Oh, and I am the envy of all my friends with all your hair clips and watch. They would pay money for them and I got them for free!!! Thank you so super talented lil' sis!! I love you! xxxx

Danielle said...

Your pictures look FABULOUS! I want to see the rest of them!