Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Secret Agent Rendezvous Party!!

Last Saturday we had Mackay's Secret Agent Party. It was at Secret Agent Mackay's hideout otherwise known as the Strike Zone bowling Alley. Since Jonah's my Halloween baby we always do something with costumes and so Mackay wanted to have some costume stuff. I got some great secret agent costume ideas from my friend Lisa's blog. They looked so cute bowling in their little hats and glasses. I made sure to explain to their parents that they were dressed as detectives and not pimps :) We had a great turn out and it was a lot of fun.


Ashley said...

What a fun party! I'm sure he will remember that one for awhile!

You should get the DVD "Potty Power" I got it for Makell and she started going on the potty after a few days of watching it. I bet Hallie would LOVE it! Good luck!

The Hoffmans said...

I have heard things about that potty power movie as well! Looks like you had your hands full at that party! Cute idea!

{ L } said...

Oh cool Mandi! I didn't get a chance to see this until now because I haven't been on blogs much. It looks like such a fun time.

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